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    Table 13. Cost reduction assumptions for pessimistic and optimistic cases. .. 38 Table 14. Potential costs of cellulosic ethanol production after reductions.. 38 Table 15. Corn-fibre to ethanol production costs. .. 39 Table 16.Learn More

  • Capital and Operating Costs for Industrial Boilers

    IP,PPP TOTAL INDIRECT COSTS S2.028.600 Contingencies (20% of direct and indirect costs) $1, 667,300 Total Turnkey Costs (direct+indirect+contingencies) 10,003,600 Land 2,000 Working capital (25% of total direct operating costs) 504,600 GRAND TOTAL (turnkey*land+working capital) $10.510.200 aQuote from Babcock & Wilcox, Inc., August 17, 1978.Learn More

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    Burner/Boiler Turbogenerator Distillation and Stillage Treatment. Economic Parameter (Units, $1999) Value . Min. Ethanol Selling Price ($/gal) $1.30 Ethanol Production (MM gal/yr) 60 Ethanol Yield (gal/dry ton stover) 77.5 Total Project Investment ($ MM) $200 TPI per Annual Gallon ($/gal) $3.34 Net Operating Costs ($/gal) $0.73 * Assuming Learn More

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    Jan 01, 2019 · Considering these aspects, it is observed, for example, that the investment cost in combustion boilers varies between $1880 and $4260 USD 2010 /kW, while the costs for FB boilers are between $2170 and $4500 USD 2010 /kW.Learn More

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    Users are asked to input consumption and cost data, as well as operating characteristics specific to the building in question. GQ Co. reduced blow-down losses in boilers at NY plants through acidification of water, saving 30 million gals of water. CF4 C2F6 Default Unit Cost Tons of coal reduced * unit cost (user-specified or default Learn More

  • Advantages of Pellet Feed Over Mash Feed in Broiler Farming

    The difference in the Operational Cost. Also, as per our years of experience and regular client feedback, we have observed a difference of approximately 400 INR per ton in operating cost of pellet plant ( including boiler, labor, staff, power, etc.) and mash feed plant i.e. pellet feed plant costs 400 INR more than mash feed plant per metric ton.Learn More